About the Firm

The Klein Law Firm is a boutique litigation firm with experience in in a wide range of areas including securities law, corporate finance, real estate, elder law and commercial litigation. We achieve superior results for our clients through hard work, tenacity and attention to detail.

Our mission is to focus on our Clients and their individual concerns. Period!

We help investors hurt by stock fraud to recover their investment losses. Anyone can be a victim of financial fraud, and we assist investors to recover their losses by guiding them through the class action process of recovery. We work on 100% contingency basis, which means we don’t get paid unless there is a recovery.

The securities laws protecting investors are grounded in one very simple concept: Companies that sell stocks to the public must tell the truth about their operations, the securities they are selling, and the risks involved. When companies tell the truth and are transparent with their investors, everyone can thrive, and the nation’s economy is strengthened. However, honesty and integrity are not always the case.

Our firm helps to protect the rights of investors who lost money as a result of companies not telling the truth. We believe that our size, experience and relationships allow us to offer high-quality legal representation and be attentive to you and your concerns. And because all cases are handled on a contingency basis, you have the peace of mind that our interests are aligned with yours

If you lost money on an investment, whether it’s a sudden stock drop as a result of a surprise announcement or disappointing news, or have been the victim of a Ponzi scheme, we are here to help you.

Please contact us to discuss the steps you might take to recover your losses.

About J. Klein, founding partner

Mr. Klein has been a practicing attorney for years and has been instrumental in helping hundreds of clients recover stock losses. He represents clients with tenacity and care, providing assistance and creative legal solutions that match the needs and interests of his clients.

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